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Trend Trading Mentor

Earn solid returns each month trend trading only 15 minutes per night.

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$500 Trading Mastery Package

Sick of the hype and empty promises in trading?

– Want to learn how to profit in up and down markets?

– Want a low risk system that has Fully Defined trading rules?

– Want a system with low max draw downs?

– Don’t have 5 hours a day to day trade?

– Are you prepared for when the next stock market crash happens?

We don’t know when it will happen, but we do know at SOME POINT the market will have a major correction.

Could that be in 2021?

During the 2007-2008 crash our system CRUSHED the market.

My name is Robert Walsh and I don’t know it all! I’m not a public speaker and I can’t spell, but as a 20 year trading veteran I’m ready to give you “THE TRADING SECRET”.


There are no secrets!

There is no “black box trading system” that will make you 30%, 50% or 100% per month!

There is NO Guru who wins 95%+ of his trades (at least not for any long period of time)!

All of that quackery is for newbies and it’s making the hucksters rich.

To make it in trading it takes some work. The only question is do you want to “work” 15 minutes per night (after you learn our system), or for hours?

Sure we have our simple, powerful trading system to offer you, but we don’t use hype! We hate that garbage and like to sleep at night.

Our system work for new and veteran traders and it only takes 15 minutes per night (because we only use the daily bars).

We are a TRUE trend following system that does not claim to catch the bottom or top of trends.

We catch the “meat in the middle”.

The old trading quote is true, hogs get fat and pigs get slaughtered. Greed will get you killed in the market.

There are no secrets in trading.

You ONLY need 2 things:

1. A PROVEN system that works in up, sideways and down markets. EVERY system has drawbacks (if anyone claims otherwise they must be smarter than Warren Buffett….. no, they are lying to you!).

Our system HISTORICALLY earns 2-4% per month, with low risk. Our ONLY drawback is that we make LESS or breakeven in sideways markets (we are very upfront).

BUT….. that is nothing to worry about because EVERY flat market eventually breaks into another trend, and we make a LOT more in the trending markets compared to the sideways ones.

Also by LAW: We do NOT guarantee the future of the system or ANY RESULTS.

2. You need discipline.

Some get scared here, but here is a “secret” shortcut: Be like our students that only trade when the market is closed!

We use the daily bars and ONLY look at the market when it’s closed (anytime after it closes). This is when we set up our orders.

The second shortcut to trading without emotions is to use a 100% mechanical system.

This means EVERY trade rule is fully defined.

There is no discretion when you pull up a chart.

You KNOW if you are to do a system trade or not, and if so then you KNOW exactly where to put your entry, profit target and stop loss.

These 2 tips eliminate 90% of the emotion.

With our full members I share even more that eliminates the rest of any lingering fear and greed you might still have.

With our system it’s Possible to earn 2-4% per month trading only 15 minutes per night.

Any compounding calculator will tell you what ONLY 3% per month becomes in 5 and 10 years. See the two charts at the bottom for a 5 and 10 year example.

Now in real trading you will have months that earn you more and some that breakeven and some that even lose a little.

Not many others will tell you this, but that is the truth, that is reality.

If anyone is saying that can earn 50% per month or “win 98%” of their trades, they would be running the largest Hedge Fund in the world and not selling courses.

Think about it, at 50% per month you would be trading millions in years and BILLIONS in under 10 years. Would anyone in their right mind want that or want to sell courses or signals for $19,$97, $997 or even 10k?


All the hype “trading gurus” and newsletter guys have LIED to YOU.

The good news is that you can be AS GOOD AS the Hedge Funds. Yes, that is what 2-4% per month is: as good as the pro’s get when you look over years of track records and count compounding.

A little more on the system:

– The average trade time is 2-3 weeks.

– It does add onto trades (up to two add on trades AFTER price moves more in our favor). Losers add to losers. Our system NEVER adds to a losing trade.

– It does Advanced Position Sizing which maximizes trades that have a high reward vs. risk ratio (times we can make $200+ for risking only $100, etc). It never takes trades with a low reward vs. risk ratio.

– It only takes 1-2% TOTAL risk per trade.

– Yes, there is a learning curve, but anyone with a high school degree can learn the system.

– It only has 2 entry strategies.

– It has 4 profit taking strategies.

– It profits in up and down moves. In sideways markets it usually breaks even or loses just a little.

– All trade rules are 100% defined = it’s a mechanical system, not a discretionary one.

Once you join we will send you our course within 24 hours and set up phone coaching.

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$500 Trading Mastery Package


Q: If you are doing so good, why are you selling a course.

A: As you can see from everything I’ve shared above I’m a straight shooter. It’s because Lowell and I want LARGER trading accounts (my “sidekick” Lowell has been trading 16 years and does a lot of the email support so I can focus on only trading and training).

Plus we’ve already done all the work making the system better year after year (since 2007) that we might as well make it available to the general public. If our personal trade fills ever gets hurt from too many students doing the same trades as us then we will take it off the market.

Yes, we enjoy teaching, but it would be a lie if we said, “we do this because we love our students.”

Yes, we LIKE our students, but come on, this is trading, not a family or serving in a war together or going to church together.

You can learn from our combined 36 years in the markets and have shortcuts, or you can learn in the school of hard knocks. Either way you will pay something.

When you see how low the investment is below, I’m sure you can do the math and see that’s it’s less than the commission to place ONE Trade with most brokers.

Q: Why so inexpensive?

A: Because we want you get your feet with in our company and build trust so you can SEE that we KNOW the markets and know what we are doing. We have other software and advanced mentorship that can make trading easier for you that we will share later.

Q: What’s your refund policy?

A: First off, don’t join if you aren’t willing to LEARN a new trading system. If you are a “know it all” then why aren’t you already earning CONSISTENT money in the markets?

Ok, with that off my chest, here is our simple refund policy: If you aren’t 100% happy just send us back the course within 60 days and we will refund you the full amount.

Most people only give you 14 or 30 days because frankly they are ripping you off. We give 60 days because we KNOW you will love the system.

What do I get when I join?

You will be handed the system blueprint (with EXACT TRADING RULES) and we will give you email support to answer your questions.

The course includes EVERYTHING you need to start.

The basic course is $50 (shipping and taxes included).
For each $10 more you spend you get 5 more minutes of hard core live chart training.
For example if you pay $100 then you get a 25 minute session ($50 divided by 10 = 5. 5 x 5 = 25 min).
If you buy my MAX package then you get ($450 divided by 10 = 45 five minute session = 225 minutes of session spread out over the next 60 days).

Live charts on Zoom is where YOU LEARN!

– Email support for 3 months! Have a question on a chart or trade setup, just send us an email. $497 value.

This type of support is really big in the trading education space. Most charge thousands extra just for support.

– Our Options Made Simple course. This will teach you everything you need to know to trade 6 month options with the system. It’s NOT required that you trade basic Options, but you will earn more if you start using these. $497 value.

If you want to “get rich quick” please don’t join. Our system does about 2-4% per month with VERY low risk.

But what is “quick”? How quickly did the last 10 years go? Mine went FAST. See the math below of what 3% per month makes.

To slow and steady growth,

Robert Walsh

P.S – Still not sure? Listen, it’s only $100-$500, I’m not going to ruin my name for a measly few dollars. IF you are teachable you will LOVE our system, if you don’t like it just send my course back and get your money back, no big deal, no feelings hurt. Click the button now.

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$500 Trading Mastery Package